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Engage Celebrants says farewell

Engage Celebrants began life in 2011 as an idea to bring together fabulous young celebrants who were committed to sharing the love stories of couples and families. Over the years our celebrants have championed personalised, meaningful ceremonies which can only come from true collaboration with the couples and families they work with.

All of the celebrants in Engage have always run their own businesses. Engage was a chance for them to connect with other like-minded celebrants and promote causes important to them like marriage equality and incorporation of traditions and cultural heritage into ceremonies.

Sadly the day has come when Engage has to say goodbye but the great news is that all of our celebrants continue to tell the stories of couples and families through their personal businesses.

We have always believed that diversity in celebrants is important - choosing the celebrant who you connect with the most is the best way to ensure you have a fantastic ceremony that reflects you. We hope that the celebrant industry continues to encourage this diversity whether it be age, sex, background, experience or ceremony style.

We also hope that we've done our bit to support younger celebrants make their mark and to build public awareness of just how important a great celebrant is.

If you're looking for a celebrant make sure that you talk to them, ask them about how they do what they do and see if this matches what you are looking for. Remember - there is no 'one perfect celebrant' but there is one perfect celebrant for you!

Thank you to all of the wonderful couples and families who have let us share in their amazing celebrations. You are the reason we all joined this industry and you are the inspiration for us to continue to evolve what we do and how we do it!

The kiss was traditionally an indication that the contractual agreement of marriage has been sealed, hence the saying 'sealed with a kiss'.